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Are you looking for a manufacturer of PVC, aluminium and wooden windows, front doors, or shutters to renovate your house or for house building? Would you prefer to deal with a nationwide partner in your area? Do you expect high-quality products but also advice and good service?

Come and discover TRYBA's windows, doors and shutters in PVC, aluminium and wood.


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pacte d'excellence Tryba

Excellence as a standard

pacte d'excellence Tryba

A broad sales network

pacte d'excellence Tryba

A strong commitment,
a unique pact

pacte d'excellence Tryba

Our environmentally- friendly approach

Thanks to the commitment of 1,800 members of staff who are able to combine both industrial strength and the “savoir-faire” of true craftsmen, TRYBA is well-known for being THE reference in its sphere of activity.

Our teams are focused on delivering quality products & services, on paying attention to details and on constantly seeking perfection. As a result, there has been a succession of innovations and patented systems over the last 30 years, always aiming at reaching a perfect balance between technology and design.

Progress & innovation is the driving force which leads us to constantly renew our ranges of products and make them ever more efficient. Your comfort and the improvement of your home is a daily priority for us.

Amongst our 250 regional showrooms in France, there is undoubtedly one close to your home!

As an ambassador of TRYBA, your regional showroom provides you with a service that is closely linked to your area. From Lille to Marseille, from Brest to Strasbourg, more than 250 TRYBA regional showrooms are committed to honouring our Pact of Excellence.

Should you wish to know more about our products, your TRYBA showroom is pleased to welcome you to present our ranges of products and to convince you of our competitive edge!

Please contact us via our online form or find the nearest TRYBA shop.

The renovation of your windows, doors and shutters is a very important decision. Joinery, fitting and services must be up to your quality demands.

As a leader, TRYBA guarantees transparency and excellence to its customers. In its Excellency Pact, TRYBA guarantees its commitments on 10 innovative points hitherto unknown in the profession.

Paying back the difference, cleaning worksites, watertightness and resistance…the guarantee of an outstanding service for you and of peace of mind for many years to come.

At TRYBA, the environment has been a topical subject for over 30 years, ever since the company creation in 1980.

Right from the start, TRYBA has been producing with a minimum of natural resources and energy.

Today, this pioneering state of mind is more than ever present and TRYBA teams keep it alive on a daily basis. From the product design to the end of the life cycle, throughout the manufacturing and the distribution phases, the whole staff knows that sustainable development is one of the company's intangible values.

The widest product range of the market
Windows Shutters Protection systems & blinds Doors
Designed and manufactured in our factories, Tryba windows comply with the most stringent certification standards. They even exceed the required performances.

PVC, aluminium, wood and mixed PVC-alu, whatever the material you choose, Tryba guarantees durability, reliability and performance. Therefore, whether they are casements or sliding, for renovation, new or for rental, let your desires run riot!
The perfect partner for your windows and shutters must provide your home with both comfort and security.

In winter, shutters provide an additional barrier against cold air and draughts. In summer, they protect you from the heat, whilst balancing light intensity. Shutters help you to keep control over your heating consumption, air conditioning and electricity. They actively contribute to improving the energetic performance of your home, thus complying with the new regulations (RT 2012 and BBC, Low Consumption Buildings.)

New ranges, new colours, new functionalities, the Tryba shutters constantly adapt to meet your needs more efficiently.
Mosquitoes, heat,... discover our solutions to improve your comfort in the midst of summer and save air conditioning costs!

For better luminosity and optimised heat, equip your South or West facing bay windows with an efficient solar protection: inside blinds, mobile sun breakers, S'ONRO panels,... choose your tailor-made protection!

To protect yourself against insects, we also equip your windows with mosquito nets. A roll up mosquito net, a sliding or fixed one, adapted for windows or doors, with a straight or an arched shape, there is a solution for every case and in perfect discretion.

Make the most of your terrace, balcony or garden: discover our offer of blinds, shades or parasols.

All Tryba doors are designed for an ideal combination of technical and design features. Our objective is to meet all your requirements in terms of comfort, insulation and security.

Each home has its own particularities and style. Tryba has specially developed for you a full range of front doors, garage doors, which year after year guarantee ease of use, perfect insulation and security.

As your home deserves nothing but the best, Tryba offers you 3 new ranges of inside doors: the finishing touch to your decoration, in total harmony with all styles and budgets.